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Ali Pasha Bridge

This bridge represents Ali Pasha's efforts to commission an aqueduct complex in Gjirokastra. Built on a bridge and a system of magnificent canals, which supplied water from the nearby mountain of Sopot to the castle, the plan (in the years 1812-1813) was meant to improve the living conditions in the castle using the famous craftsmanship of the Gjirokastra stonemasons. 

Like most of the fortifications and castles built by the Vizier of Ioannina in this period, this special work would bear the signature of the architect Petro Korçari. The aqueduct was built on stone bridges and arches that deposited water to cisterns inside the castle. Today, the aqueduct’s remains consist of this stone bridge over the Dunavat neighborhood. The Ali Pasha Bridge is made of stone, 16 meters high, 40 meters long, and is 2.3 meters wide.

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