How to reach
How to reach Gjirokaster

Gjirokastra is located at 300 meters above sea level, next to the Drino Valley, in the southern part of Albania. It lies 232 km from the capital of Albania, 31 km from the Greek border crossing at Kakavia, and 56 km from Saranda, the port that connects southern Albania to Corfu. "The stone city" is easily accessible by sea, by highway, and by air.

Getting to Gjirokastra by air

Gjirokastra city is accessible by air with Tirana International Airport, 225 kilometers away. Tourists often choose the Corfu Airport in Greece, 88 km away, as the quickest way to reach this city by air. That route crosses a national border and includes a ferry crossing. As another option, you can fly to the northern Greek city of Ioannina, 85 kilometers away, which is less than 2 hours away by car, taxi, or bus from Gjirokastra.

Getting to Gjirokastra by road

Gjirokastra lies on the main north-south Albanian highway. If you come from the north, northeast, the port of Durres, and all of central Albania, there are two possible routes:Tirana-Durrës-Kavajë-Rrogozhinë-Lushnje-Fier-Ballsh-Tepelenë-Gjirokastra. The drive from Tirana to Gjirokastër takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes, including transfers, or a little longer if there’s traffic. You can also take the scenic coastal road along the "Albanian Riviera," passing through Vlora-Llogara National Natural Park and continuing along the Ionian coast, passing through Dhrmi, Vuno, Himar, Borsh, and Lukov until you reach Saranda.Then take the inland road toward Gjirokastra.If you are coming from Eastern Albania or North Macedonia, you can take the Ersek-Leskovik-Prmet-Kelcyr Gorge, Uji i Ftoht (Tepelen)-Gjirokastr route from Elbasan or Korça.This journey will take 4 hours or a little longer by bus. The Regional Bus Terminal North and South, which is a 20-minute drive from the city center of Tirana, has regular services to all Albania's cities, including Gjirokastër. Bus tickets can be purchased at the counter of the Bus station, and buses leave regularly until 8:30 pm.
Information updated in December 2022. For further information, visit travel.gjirafa.com

Getting to Gjirokastra by boat

You can reach Gjirokastër by boat or ferry through the Albanian port cities of Durres, Vlora or Saranda. If you arrive in Durres, the national road provides easy access to Gjirokastra by car, taxi, or bus. If you arrive in Vlora, you must travel north to Levan, and then take the national road south to Gjirokaster. If you arrive in Saranda, you must cross a mountain pass called "Qafa e Muzines" and then travel north to Gjirokastra. The trip takes 1 hour by car or taxi and a little longer by bus.

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