Getting around
Getting Around

Walking through Gjirokastr is the best way to experience the city's diversity. The "Stone City" is synonymous with harmony, and once in the historic center, all of Gjirokastër's tourist attractions are within walking distance. If you can handle the steep, cobbled streets, you can walk almost anywhere. Gjirokastr is divided into two halves: the old town on the hill and the new town in the valley below and there is a public bus circuit that connects the old town and the new town.

City Buses of Gjirokastra

There are four bus lines operating in the city of Gjirokastra. The bus service operates regularly every day, and there is a public bus circuit that connects the historic center and the new town. You can also take a local bus from one of the bus stops along "Bulevardi 18 Shtatori" street.
From the roundabout at the center of town to the bus station on the National Road, it is a fairly flat, easy 10-minute walk along the main boulevard.


Taxis are convenient and especially useful if you want to go to places that are not accessible by bus or walking, and there is a taxi stand at the River Bridge (Ura e Lumit), also known as Ura e Lunxhërisë, and at the "18 Shtatori" Boulevard. Taxis are inexpensive, but to get an idea of the final fare, ask the driver about surcharges.

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