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If you come to Gjirokastra, you must try oshaf. This traditional Gjirokastra dessert is made with sheep's milk, sugar, and dried figs. It is simple to ... see morebake, even by an amateur. For a bowl of oshafi pudding, you’ll need 150 ml of sheep milk, 30 grams of dried figs, 50 grams of sugar and a little cinnamon. The mixture is divided into small bowls and oven-baked until it thickens. Cinnamon and ground cloves provide an unforgettable taste.


Qifqi, served only in Gjirokastra, is one of the city’s most authentic and traditional dishes. This delicacy is made with boiled rice, eggs, herbs, salt ... see moreand pepper, and occasionally cheese. The cleaned and rinsed rice is boiled in salted water until it dries. Eggs are added one by one, together with mint, ground black pepper, and salt. The contents are formed into a ball with a wooden spoon and then fried in olive oil in a pan with seven sockets.

Lakrori me thember

This recipe belongs to the Gjirokastra area and has been passed down for generations. Known as “lakrori” of Libohova, it has been prepared the ... see moresame way for centuries with roasted turkey, onions, and filo dough. The main ingredient is turkey, which, according to regional chefs, must be one year old. The recipe should be followed exactly to achieve the correct taste. The portions are cut into triangles weighing 300 grams with the filling and meat. It is accompanied by a glass of red wine or a glass of raki.

Byreku qahi

There are different regional variations of byrek, as well as different fillings with various tasty ingredients. It can be savory or sweet, but Qahi pie ... see moreis typical for the Gjirokastra region. The main ingredient is spinach, which is mixed with other ingredients such as chopped green dill, eggs, white cheese, olive oil, salt, and black pepper. The very thin unleavened dough is prepared from scratch and placed two-by-two on each other and sprinkled with a little oil to prevent sticking and then filled with prepared spinach. It is usually served with yogurt and will make you lick your fingers.

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