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The Ancient city of Antigonea is a 45-hectare archaeological park located on the east side of the Drinos Valley. According to the ancient Greek historian Plutarch, Antigonea was built by love and destroyed by hatred. The ancient city was located on the hill of Jerma, near the village of Saraqinisht in Gjirokastra. Founded around 290 BC by King Pyrrhus in honor of his wife Antigone, the daughter of King Ptolemy of Egypt, the city developed into an important economic, social, cultural and political center. 

By the end of the 3rd century and beginning of the 2nd century BC, it became a polis (city-state) and one of most important settlements of antiquity. Its four-kilometer surrounding walls were built of stone blocks and the main entrances and possible attack points were protected by quadrangular towers.

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